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  • Aging By Design®: Exploring the Possibilities

    Join us for an evening led by FamilyMeans’ experts to learn how to identify and map out your individual aging-by-design goals. Explore the changes that occur as people age, design your personal path to retirement and be part of the discussion to break sensitive subjects into workable steps for your future possibilities.Navigating TransitionsNavigating transitions at any age is not always easy. Learning about aging transitions and self-purpose related to work, retirement, health, family and community can help you lead a positive life as you begin to explore the possibilities.Approaching the Future with IngenuityEven if we have not saved a fortune for retirement, we can expand our thinking about creative ways to approach spending and living as we look toward the future. Preparing for the UnexpectedWe may not be able to stop crises, but we can be ready to overcome them with confidence. Explore various roles we take on as we age, anticipate what those roles may involve, and look into documents that can help us be prepared for the unexpected. Pursuing PassionsImagine knowing what is really important to you and then having the time and ability to follow those passions. Why not take steps in that direction now?
  • Boating Safety Course

    Learn the fundamentals of boating from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. This classroom course is designed for skippers and crew of all types of watercraft. If you were born after 1999 and need your Watercraft Operators Permit, this course meets the MN and WI requirements. Topics include: Navigating waterways Marine electronic feature set & use Boat handling & close quarter maneuvering Safety tips for water sports tubing Legal requirements of boating Boat emergencies Families are encouraged to attend together. Students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Breathing to Reduce Stress and Ignite Your Energy

    This short course will remind you to breathe every day. We will breathe with purpose and you will discover breathing to ignite energy and give you a lift when you need it. You will be taught mudras, which are hand holds that allow us to release stress exponentially. Through your breathe, connect to your spirit, body and energy systems while learning to release, relax and be free.
  • Chords are Key for Guitar

    Do you have a guitar sitting in your closet that you have never learned to play? There is no need to take private lessons - in just a few hours you can learn enough to give you years of musical enjoyment. This crash course will teach you some basic chords and get you playing along with your favorite songs right away. Bring your acoustic guitar. Fee includes an online book and online instructional video. 
  • How to Fish Twin Cities Lakes

    Join Sybil Smith, author of the Twin Cities Fishing Guide (4th Edition), Brainerd-Mille Lacs Fishing Guide, and Twin Cities Shore Fishing Maps (East and West) for tips on how to find the best fishing in the Twin Cities area. You will learn how to select the best area lakes in all seasons, use three magic words to consistently catch fish and choose the best lures and techniques for each species. In addition, you will make a slip-bobber rig, jig worm and weedless plastic worm to take home. Plus door prizes, free maps, booklets and other fun stuff. A $5 supply fee is payable to the instructor at class.
  • How to Run A Meeting with Robert's Rules of Order

    Do you ever wonder how meetings go wrong? Would you like to know how to gain control of a meeting to get through necessary business? Robert’s Rules of Order is the parliamentary authority of most organizations. A little preparation and knowledge of the proper rules can help a meeting presider get through a meeting with minimum drama and maximum effectiveness, while being fair to everyone. This course includes a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief, a valuable resource with virtually everything you need to know to run a meeting and/or be an officer of an organization. A $7 supply fee is due to the instructor at class.
  • Organize Your Photos: Print & Digital

    Organize your photos to make sure your precious memories don’t get misplaced. Learn about a system to organize every printed photo, digital photo and your memorabilia. Learn about scanning for slides, movies, prints, backing up, cloud storage & scanners. We will also demonstrate easy ways to repair old photos. You'll leave with a plan for a system that allows you to access every photo you own in literally seconds! Optional materials, including the Power Sort® box, will be available for purchase at the class.
  • Practical Fly Casting

    Practical casting is a comprehensive fly casting course which will lay down the basics of this active and exciting fishing style. This two session, four hour instruction will cover anchored casting, aerialized casting, mending and line control. Students will need to come to class with a fly rod, fly line to match the rod, and a fly reel. Students will finish this course ready to catch fish on a fly rod in time for the opener!
  • Transition Into Spring with Essential Oils

    Join us for a customized class as we explore how essential oils can be used and the benefits they provide! You will want to join this class if you would like to create a plan for using essential oils to address basic wellness needs, for chemical free cleaning, cooking, reducing stress, emotional support and more! You will make and take home with you a custom bottle of essential oil! There is a $5 supply fee payable to the instructor at class.