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  • Afterschool Yoga at SMS

    The middle school years are an exciting time of growth and change but have their own unique stressors. Juggling schoolwork, social pressures, and changing bodies can leave tweens and teens feeling out of balance (anxious, depressed, irritable, tired, etc). Yoga practices connect body and mind so we can better understand what we’re experiencing and manage our lives more skillfully. This yoga class is designed specifically for middle schoolers and will be a combination of yoga poses, breathing techniques, and guided relaxation. No experience necessary. ALL ARE WELCOME! Dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat if you have one. 
  • Babysitter's Training

    Babysitting is often a teenager's first business. Babysitter's Training from the American Red Cross brings the best in child development and safety training. It builds confidence to hold, feed and care for infants and toddlers, work with children safely, and deal with emergencies. It also teaches lifelong entrepreneurial and career development skills. Please bring a lunch and a beverage with you to class.