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  • America Boating Course

    Complete boating course for new and experienced boaters. Cover skills you need to enjoy your time on the water as a safe, confident boater. Topics include navigation rules and aids, required safety equipment, anchoring, personal watercraft safety, and more. Meets requirements for operator certification in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Class Manual included. This is a hybrid class, where you can attend in person or online through GoToMeeting. Class will be held at Bayport Marina Club House (200 5th Ave. Bayport, MN 55003). For the final class there will be a test and it must be completed in person.
  • Day Trippers - "Till Beth Do Us Part"

    Join us for a trip to the Plymouth Playhouse to enjoy lunch and see the play, “Till Beth Do Us Part” “Till Beth Do Us Part” is a comedy from the creators of “The Dixie Swim Club” and “Always a Bridesmaid”. This side-splitting romp about marriage and careers introduces us to the Haydens - Suzannah and her husband Gibby, a local TV Weatherman. They are a couple who both work and decide an assistant is needed to help put the house in order. So they hire a highly motivated, gregarious southerner named Beth. Little do they know, Beth is after Suzannah’s job! Throw in a couple wise-cracking best friends and a British Boss Lady, and you discover the hazards of hiring an assistant can be hilarious! Fee includes transportation to the theater, buffet lunch and gratuity, and tickets to the show! Come spend a day at the theater without the stress of driving and parking.
  • Kayak Adventure

    Are you ready for a kayak adventure on Lake Demontreville? This beautiful lake tour is ideal for paddlers with some prior paddling experience. This waterway located in Lake Elmo provides beautiful views of wildlife and is perfect for paddling at a comfortable pace. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can get wet. SilverFinn Kayaking will provide all equipment! We can’t wait to paddle with you!
  • Learn to Kayak

    This class will introduce you to the fundamentals of kayaking in a comfortable setting. You will learn about paddling techniques and get the changes to practice these new skills on beautiful Square Lake in Stillwater. This class is a great way to build a new skill set or improve upon what you already know about kayaking. Come along for the fun and meet new people who enjoy the outdoors. All you need to do is dress comfortably and wear shoes that can get wet. SilverFinn Kayaking provides kayaks, paddles and all necessary safety equipment.
  • Mike Lynch Minnesota Starwatch Program

    Make the stars your old friends as we watch the great celestial show in the skies over Afton. Following a short orientation get to know the constellations like The Big Bear, Orion the Hunter, Gemini the Twins, and some of the great stories behind them. We’ll also use large telescopes, among the largest mobile telescopes in Minnesota for close up views of Jupiter, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, and other wonders in the early spring skies. You’ll also get a large handout package with user-friendly star maps and constellation charts, apps, websites, a telescope-buying guide, and more!
  • Safety Aware: Self-Defense for Adults

    This course in practical self-defense offers strategies and tactics for staying safe in your daily life. You will gain knowledge and hands-on training in the three pillars of self-defense: Avoidance, Escape, and Engagement. Suitable for adults of all ages. No special skills, athletic ability, or prior experience are required.
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    Virtual - How to Play Piano by Ear

    Learn one of music’s deepest mysteries: how to play songs without relying on music. A very practical presentation of music theory that includes predicting chord progressions, learning from recordings, and transposing - all expressed in everyday language. This is an ideal follow-up to the “Instant Piano” class and is open to anyone who has a basic understanding of chords on any instrument. Expand your musical horizons, and free yourself from sheet-music dependence, and be the life of the party! Fee includes the online book, online follow-up lessons, a recording of the class and an optional monthly question and answer session. Class is held online using zoom. Topics include: How to find the starting note How to determine when chords change How to predict the chord progression How chords help you find the correct melody How the melody helps you find the correct chords How to learn songs from recordings How to transpose The Universal Key Signature How to use the Circle of Fifths How to recognize the most common chord patterns
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    Virtual - Instant Guitar for Hopelessly Busy People

    Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar but simply find it difficult to find the time? In just a few hours you can learn enough about playing the guitar to give you years of musical enjoyment, and you won’t have to take private lessons to do it. This crash course will teach you some basic chords and get you playing along with your favorite songs right away. Since this class is being held online via Zoom, you will be able to sit at home with your guitar and take this class without any pressure at all. And since the class includes an online book and online follow-up video lessons, you will be able to continue your practice and study on your own. An optional periodic online question and answer session is also included. The class will be recorded as well. Must be 13 or older. Topics include: How chords work in a song How to form the three main types of chords How to tune your guitar Basic strumming patterns How to buy a good guitar (things to avoid) How to play along with simple tunes
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    Virtual - Instant Piano for Hopelessly Busy People

    In just a few hours, you can learn enough secrets of the trade to give you years of musical enjoyment. Learn to play piano the way professionals do - using chords. Since this class is being held online with ZOOM you will be able to sit at your piano or keyboard at home and take this course with no pressure at all. And since this course includes an online book and online follow up video lessons, you will be able to continue your practice and study on your own. An optional periodic online question and answer session is also included. A recording of the class is included as well. This court is partly lecture/demonstration and partly hands-on instruction. Topics include: How chords work in a song How to get more out of sheet music by reading less of it How to form the three main types of chords How to handle different keys and time signatures How to avoid “counting” How to simplify over 12,000 complex chords
  • Virtual - Voice Overs... Now Is Your Time!

    Class was originally scheduled for 6:30-8:30, changed to 5:30-7:30 on 2/28. In what could be the most enlightening webinar you’ve ever taken, our instructor and professional voice coach will show you how you can actually begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, videos, and more. Most people go about it the wrong way. In this introductory class, you will learn about a unique, outside the box way to break into this creative, fulfilling, and potentially lucrative industry. Voice-overs can be managed on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with minimal overhead!