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  • Dance - Cha-Cha and Waltz Series

    These dances are detailed in their music tempos and give the dedicated dancers more variety of footwork, patterns and movement around the dance floor. Cha-Cha has a unique rhythm and is commonly used when Salsa dancing is too slow. You’ve got more time in the music to fill it in with “cha-cha-cha.” Waltz will be shown as both a box-step rhythm and as a large traveling dance around the floor. It can be used at both Ballroom dance venues and wedding receptions.
  • Dance - Foxtrot and Cha-Cha Series

    These dances provide a variety of music and tempos and provide both traveling and non-traveling style of dance. Foxtrot will take a Swing or Rumba style dance and enlarge it while traveling around the dance floor to classic big band music. Cha-Cha has a unique rhythm and is commonly used when Salsa dancing is too slow.
  • Dance - Rumba and Swing Series

    These dances cover the most common rhythm tempos and widest variety of music styles played at dance venues and wedding receptions. Rumba can be danced slow or fast, and stays in place not taking up much room on the dance floor. Even just a Rumba box-step is more than your old high school sway step! The Swing we cover in this beginner class is single-time East Coast Swing. It’s the easiest footwork to start with, getting you moving fast to the music. In addition to current pop music, Swing goes to big band and 50’s-60’s rock & roll music.
  • Dance - West Coast Swing and Salsa Series

    These dances are very specific to their music type and are great for the dedicated dancers. You will expand both your music and dance knowledge with these styles of dances. West Coast Swing is danced in a “slot position” and goes to blues, jazz and pop music, slow and fast. Then, Salsa actually has simple footwork, but appears difficult because the music is fast. You will use your Salsa dancing at popular Latin restaurants, Ballroom dance venues, and on your Caribbean vacations!