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  • Microsoft Excel 103

    This course is taught online and login instructions will be sent the day before the class. Take formula skills to the next level. Work with absolute references and settings to link cells and workbooks together. In this online class, learn logical, date/time, text and lookup functions as well as what-if analysis. Use templates to create an amortization schedule and begin other projects with re-designed templates in Excel. They'll help you jumpstart any project quickly and professionally. Prerequisite: Excel 102.
  • Microsoft Excel 104

    This course is taught online login instructions will be sent the day before the class. Discover how to use pivot tables to organize, summarize and calculate lists of data in just seconds! In this online class, learn to group dates, insert additional calculated fields and calculate percentage of growth using pivot tables. Using chart as well as pivot chart features, you will learn to display your data visually and professionally, including pie, bar, area, stock, pie-in-pie and many more custom chart settings. Prerequisite: Excel 103.
  • Organize Your Photos: Print & Digital

    Imagine all your photos, in one place and a system that allows you to access them in seconds! In this online class we will talk about scanners so you can make copies of (& easily repair) older slides and prints. We will cover cloud storage services; owning versus renting space, how to cull through old photos, what to keep, what to toss and how to simply get your photos off your phone. We will cover everything you need to know to complete this project... & quickly! Never worry about losing another photo again!
  • Taking Digital Photos Beyond Automatic

    This class will be taught online and login information will be sent the day before the class. Are you ready to move beyond the basic "automatic" settings? In this online class, learn some basic tips on how to get a properly exposed photo via manual mode, aperture priority mode and shutter priority mode. When used correctly, these three settings can dramatically enhance the look of your photos. This class is for users of DSLR cameras, not "point and shoot" cameras. Have your camera and get ready to learn new tricks to improve your photography.