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  • Beginning Programming in Python

    This course is an introduction to basic concepts in computer programming using the Python language. The language is covered in detail from the ground up, so the course is suitable both for a true beginner who has never programmed before and also for someone who has prior programming experience but wants to learn Python as a new language. By the end of the course, students will have a grasp of the Python language well enough to start writing useful applications. Python is an open-source programming language which is free to acquire and use. Directions to install the software will be provided to those planning to bring a laptop to class. 
  • Drone Aerial Photography and Video

    This course is for those who want to learn more about drone based aerial photography and video (recreational and commercial). Topics covered include rules of the road for aerial photography and video, license and registration, where to fly (and not fly), flight planning and weather, autonomous and manual modes, equipment, hardware, software and other tools. Additional topics include what type of drone and camera equipment are best as well as accessories, along with post processing tools. Students aged 12-17 may attend with an adult. Weather permitting a demonstration flight will be flown.
  • Drones for Non-Dummies

    Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) "drones" are growing in popularity and capabilities. Drones are used by recreational hobbyist, commercial, non-profit, government, and public safety agencies. If you or somebody you know have a drone, want one or need to learn more about them, this course is for you. You will learn about basic drone safety, rules of the road and air, registration, certification, license, drone types, when, how and where to fly (or avoid). Bring your drone as a guest to participate in the discussions. Students ages 12-17 are welcome to attend with an adult. Don’t be a dummy, learn to fly drones safely.
  • Drones for Non-Dummies - Beyond the Basics

    This course moves beyond the basics looking at drone decision making, flight planning, how to prepare for your FAA Part 107 among other certifications. Also covered are basic tools, simulators, apps, cameras, commercial considerations, new and emerging regulations, insurance, practical tips, techniques, trends to be aware of. Weather permitting drone demonstration flights may be held. Students ages 12-17 are welcome to attend with an adult. Don’t be a dummy, learn to fly drones safely.
  • Microsoft Excel 101

    Learn the basics of Excel 2013 and get to know what it can do. We will explore navigating around the Excel screen, creating and entering data, changing the layout and formatting a spreadsheet. You will learn how to create a formula, autofill, what to do with custom lists and how to work with functions. Handouts and step by step hands-on instruction is included.
  • Microsoft Excel 102

    Take your knowledge of Excel a little further. In this class we will cover advanced formulas and functions throughout the spreadsheet. You will also learn how to create and use tables to allow data to be affected differently even though it is on the same spreadsheet. Handouts and hands-on instruction is included. 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

    PowerPoint is a great tool, yet many of its best features are not widely known or used. In this class we will explore how to use this Microsoft platform to its full advantage. You will learn how to design slide and notes master, customize bullets, use SmartArt and express your creativity with slide transitions and animations.
  • Taking Digital Photos Beyond Automatic

    Are you ready to move beyond the basic "automatic" settings? Learn some basic tips on how to get a properly exposed photo via manual mode, aperture priority mode and shutter priority mode. When used correctly, these three settings can dramatically enhance the look of your photos. This class is for users of DSLR cameras, not "point and shoot" cameras. Bring your camera and get ready to learn new tricks to improve your photography.