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  • Cut the Cord

    Do you want to save money? Join us as we explore the online avenues to watch your favorite television shows and movies without having a cable contract. We will discuss low or no cost options for your telephone and online streaming on your smart TV, computer or your favorite mobile device. Feel free to bring your laptop or mobile device. 
  • Drones for Non-Dummies

    Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) "drones" are growing in popularity and capabilities. Drones are used by recreational hobbyists, commercial, non-profit, government and public safety agencies. In this class, you will learn about drone safety, rules of the road and air, registration, certification, license, insurance, drone types, as well as, when, how and where you can fly. Other topics include practical tips, techniques and trends. Students ages 12-17 are welcome to attend with an adult. Don’t be a dummy, learn to fly drones safely.
  • Protect Your Identity

    Protect one of your most valuable assets - your identity. Identity theft is real and hacked accounts, as well as, scams are much too common today. Learn ways to protect your online identity and your devices from being hijacked. This timely class will give you the resources you need to stay safe and surf safely.
  • Taking Digital Photos Beyond Automatic

    Are you ready to move beyond the basic "automatic" settings? Learn some basic tips on how to get a properly exposed photo via manual mode, aperture priority mode and shutter priority mode. When used correctly, these three settings can dramatically enhance the look of your photos. This class is for users of DSLR cameras, not "point and shoot" cameras. Bring your camera and get ready to learn new tricks to improve your photography.