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  • Building Your Immune System Through Nutrition & Lifestyle

    We can often find ourselves feeling run down as the holidays approach and our schedules turn hectic. It's no surprise that stress can have a huge impact on our immune system. In this class, participants will learn how nutrition can boost our immune system. We will learn about the superfoods that help our bodies fight off infection and the culprits that weaken our immune system.
  • Women, Weight and Hormones

    This class will be taught online and login information will be sent the day before the class. Are you finding that fat is collecting around your midsection and that no matter what you eat or how much you exercise, that weight keeps increasing? If this is your story, then your inability to lose weight probably has more to do with your hormone levels than anything else. In this workshop, you will learn more about hormones, food choices, the effect of HRT and birth control pills and how to have your hormone levels checked reliably. Discover how to safely break the vicious cycle of hormone-related weight gain and help yourself lose weight again.