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  • How to be a Smart Shopper for College

    Your student is ready to go to college. You saved your money. What if it isn’t enough to pay even the first year’s tuition, room and board? Now it's time to be a smart shopper! In this class, learn where your student will fit in best, academically, socially and financially. Which schools will offer your student the largest scholarships without regard to your household income or assets? Also learn how to apply for grants and how the FAFSA works. Get an education, not an unmanageable debt. A family member may attend at no additional charge.
  • So You Are the Executor: Now What?

    As an Executor, you will need to prepare the inventory for the filing of a Probate. What is involved? Who prepares the letters testamentary? What is involved in closing the probate and preparing the final accounting? Discuss the common experiences associated with Probate court, as well as the roles, responsibilities and liabilities of those who are granted the legal title of Executor, Trustee, Power of Attorney, Conservator and Guardian. This class is invaluable for those trying to decide whom to appoint as well as for those who have been asked to take one of these legal roles. This class is being offered in the classroom and over Zoom. Choose 1105-Online if you wish to attend online. Log in instructions will be sent the day before the class.
  • The Basics of Estate Planning

    Learn how to get the help you need with your medical and financial affairs. We will discuss how to ensure your children, grandchildren, or other heirs are taken care of in the most effective and least expensive way. Subjects will include durable power of attorney, guardianship, wills, probate, trusts, life estate deeds, joint ownership, medical assistance, and taxes. The class will cover the basic planning choices and is appropriate for young parents, seniors, and everyone in between. A family member may attend at no additional charge.