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  • Early Childhood Screening

    We will resume screening on August 15, 2022. Our schedule has been released and families can begin booking appointments online or call 651-351-4022 First, are you on the Stillwater School district database (Census)? If not, it is very important to us that we maintain accurate and up-to-date census files on all households located within our district boundaries. This includes households with newborns and preschool age children, those who attend our schools and those that have children being home schooled or attending a non-public school. The information you provide will be used to make enrollment projections, program planning, determine staffing and classroom space needs and more. Please fill out this form, HERE Scroll down to "Census for families new to district" and click on the red box titled " Fill out the Census" Secondly, Early Childhood Screening is a FREE, simple check of how your child is growing, developing and learning. State law requires children to be screened between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. Screening at age 3 1/2 is best so that any health or development concerns can be addressed right away. Any child who will go to school in the state of Minnesota must have an Early Childhood Screening record before entering kindergarten. Early Childhood Screening is NOT a kindergarten readiness assessment and should not be put off until right before kindergarten. However, if your child is five years old, not eligible for kindergarten, and not yet been through preschool screening, call to arrange an appointment. During screening your child will complete developmental activities with a trained professional to see if they’re meeting important milestones specific to their age. They’ll check: Vision and hearing Height and weight Immunizations Large and small muscles Thinking, language and communication skills Social and emotional development If any issues are identified, we’ll work with you to get the support you need.Appointments typically take an hour. More info:
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