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  • Pony Power and Performance

    Pony Power and Performance The Pony Power and Performance program (PPP) is the summer strength and speed program for all student athletes entering grades 7-12 who are serious about athletic improvement. Multiple programs are created to develop the beginning, intermediate and experienced varsity athlete. Optional Friday yoga sessions provide additional flexibility and core strength training. A certified nutritionist will speak to all PPP participants during the summer to enhance performance through nutrition. All PPP participants will receive a t-shirt. Please specify t-shirt size when registering for your specific section. Pony Power and Performance Components: Strength/Explosive Power Speed/Agility/Quickness Linear and lateral speed and explosiveness Acceleration and deceleration Nutrition, rest and recovery Flexibility and core training Pony Power and Performance and Yoga: The PPP staff will be partnering with Studio One Yoga in Stillwater. Yoga is a proven training technique that benefits all athletes in the areas of flexibility, balance and strength. Two yoga sessions will be offered to PPP participants each Friday: 800-8:50 AM & 9:00-9:50 AM throughout the summer. Yoga sessions are optional.Stillwater Area High School June 5 - August 4 (No sessions July 3-7) 32 Sessions Sport Specific Section: Course #: Time: Cost: Varsity Football   940-1 7:30-8:50 AM - M-TH $150 Varsity Boys Basketball 940-2 8:10-9:15 AM - M-TH $150 High School Boys Soccer, Lacrosse, Wrestling 940-3 7:30-8:50 AM - M-TH $150 High School Girls Basketball, Soccer & Other 940-4 8:10-9:15 AM - M-TH $150 High School Girls Lacrosse, Hockey & Other 940-5 10:15-11:30 M, W, F starting 6/18 with extra training's 8/13-8/24 $150 9th & 10th Grade Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, Track, Wrestling, CC 940-6 9:00-10:20 AM - M-TH $150 7th & 8th Grade Boys (not sport specific) 940-7 10:30-11:50 AM - M-TH $150 7th & 8th Grade Girls (not sport specific) 940-8 10:00-11:20 AM - M-TH $150 Open to all Stillwater Athletes Grades 7-12 940-9 12:00-1:20 PM - M-TH $150 Open to all Stillwater Athletes Grades 7-12 940-10 6:00-7:20 PM - M-TH $150 Boys Hockey 940-11 Varies due to summer hockey schedule. Confirm times with coach. $150 Sections 940-9 and 940-10 are available for any Stillwater athlete or student, grades 7-12, with an interest in physical fitness.For more information, please contact:Mike Weiss715-222-4055weissm@stillwaterschools.orgParents: Interested in a summer workout of your own? Try our Adult Strength and Conditioning Boot Camp.