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STEM Sampler 3: Slime and Catapults

Community Ed Online Courses / Classes for Youth -
Spring/Summer 2020

Have fun with two hands-on STEM topics... Slime and Catapults. In this DIY kit, you will first investigate the chemical reaction that creates slime. Mix up your own batches of Glow, Silky and Floam Slimes as you discover why slime is delightfully bouncy, stretchy and gooey. Then, build three different catapults to examine how levers, energy, and Newton's Laws and Motion all work together as you fling ping-pong balls while practicing your launching and aiming skills. This kit is more than hands-on... it's hands in!

Kits are best for students 8+ with direct adult help, or 12+ with adult supervision.

Kits will be available to be picked up at our Central Services Building on Tuesdays between 9:00 am and noon and on and Fridays between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. A confirmation email will be sent with directions to set-up a time to pick up your kit.


$ 35.00
per enrollment