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WHALE Tales Water Safety for Kids

Community Ed Online Courses / Classes for Youth -
Spring/Summer 2020

WHALE Tales are short, engaging and age-appropriate videos that teach important water safety topics. Each episode centers on a memorable rhyming phrase to help children retain what they've learned.

We have content designed for Kindergarten through second graders, as well as for third through sixth graders. Encourage your child to watch the video, do the activity sheet for their age group, and then take a quick 3-question quiz to help them demonstrate what they've learned and take pride in their new knowledge! A parent & caregiver guide is available to help you enhance their learning.


From the Red Cross: Staying "Safe at Home" includes water safety, too.
Families have always played a vital role in teaching kids how important it is to learn to swim and behave safely in and around the water. That's even more true today when most schools, swim clubs and recreation centers are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Red Cross wants to help parents, caregivers and kids to learn and share water safety knowledge and skills together. If your child isn’t able to take formal swim lessons right now, you can still help them learn to be safer around backyard pools, ponds or other natural bodies of water. We hope your family enjoys a safe, healthy and fun summer!


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